Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why the Weasel is My Personal Symbol

I've adopted the white weasel as my symbol, shown here on my banner:

Banner Stats:
30" wide, 58" long.
Red duck canvas.
Gold fabric paint trim, hand painted.
Weasel design hand-drawn, enlarged onto posterboard by hand, cut out and traced, then hand painted in white acrylic paint with black Sharpie details.
Black faceted glass bead eye.
Will have gold-painted canvas tabs at the top to hang from pavilion or pole.

Why the weasel?

Because I am always trying to weasel my way out of things, weasel other people into doing things for me, weaseling information out of people, etc.

Case in point, just last night, which reminded me of my symbol...

My guy was over, we were lounging around talking, and I started giving him a much-needed hand massage. He does medieval foam fighting and his hands and arms get sore. Within minutes he was very relaxed.

Him: "I think I've gone stupid."
Me: (joking) "So about that silk you said you'd buy me for my ballgown..."
Him: "How much do you need and how much is it?"
Me: (laughing) "I don't really need silk."

A few minutes later, still massaging his hands...

Him: "I adore you."
Me: "How much? Because I'm still thinking about that silk..."
Him: "How much do you need and how much is it?"
Me: "I do not need more fabric!"

A few more minutes pass, still massaging his hands and arms...

Him: "I think I died."
Me: "You died? How long until they lock out your credit card? Because... silk..."
Him: "How much do you need and how much is it?"
Me: (laughing) "Nooooo..."
Him: "I will buy you silk."

Weasel with massage superpowers: 1
My guy's willpower and possibly budget too: 0

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