Friday, June 27, 2014

I've Banned Myself :(

Since I have far too many pieces in progress and I have ADCD, I have banned myself from watching historical or fantasy movies or TV until I get stuff done. The only things I will allow have to be related to what I haven't finished yet. Jane Austen films are okay. The Borgias is okay. Gone With The Wind is allowed. Doctor Who is allowed because I've already started it and it's only KINDA historical, though it's a stretch to allow it! I've been dealing with some pet health issues lately and not sleeping a lot, so I haven't been sewing a lot.

But in the meantime, I'm watching "safe" movies and TV shows that won't give me more costume ideas to start and get distracted from later. I'm currently binge-watching one of my favorite shows, "Deadliest Catch", on Netflix. It's a reality/documentary show currently in their 10th season, about crab fishermen in the Bering Sea off of Alaska. It's a dangerous and exhausting job. I got into it a few years ago when I was having really bad health problems. I was ill and weak and all I could do was lay on the couch and watch TV. I would watch "A Haunting" on the Discovery Channel from noon until 2 pm every weekday (I love the paranormal!). Afterwards, they aired reruns of "Deadliest Catch". The TV didn't have a remote and I was too tired to get up and change the channel, so I watched it and eventually fell in love. I have no interest in crab, fishing, or Alaska, but I love my crabby guys!

But my tactic isn't entirely safe... I was talking to my best friend about watching "safe" stuff and she said she was surprised I hadn't made a set of rain gear for my cat, Tacocat (it's a palindrome!). Aaaaand suddenly I'm brainstorming, looking up free patterns for pet raincoats, and pricing waterproof fabric at Jo-Ann Fabrics. My cat is going to hate me so bad.

But I digress. Yeah... not allowed to watch historical stuff until I finish work on what I have in progress. It's torture. But I'm hoping it gets me to work and to post, share pictures, inspiration, construction notes and photos, and maybe even photos of finished pieces! I want to make at least one post a week with in-progress photos. But I just had to grumble for a second.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

ADCD: Attention Deficit Crafting Disorder

I have ADCD: Attention Deficit Crafting Disorder.  Symptoms include working on multiple projects at once, starting a new project before previous projects are finished, researching multiple projects at once, accumulating supplies for multiple projects at once, and having multiple UFOs (unfinished objects) and PHDs (projects half done).  The condition is unfortunately unpreventable, untreatable, and possibly terminal.  I have suffered from ADCD for about ten years.

This current episode of ADCD is brought to you by The Borgias.  I started watching it on Netflix and quickly decided that I needed a go-big-or-go-home, fancy-ass Italian Renaissance gown.

In a subsequent post, I will detail inspiration from the show and historical sources, further informational resources, and my procedure, in addition to a review of the costuming.  But for now, let's do a quick recap of what I have in progress:

- Civil War day ensemble: unders, day dress, hat, accessories.
- Civil War ballgown ensemble: same unders, ballgown, headdress, accessories.
- Regency ensemble: unders, day dress and/or ballgown, shoes and accessories.
- Italian Renaissance ensemble: unders, gown, accessories.
- Redoing what I have named the Cloak of Fail for a friend: the bias trim pulled right off the fraying fabric.  This happened last week and nearly had me in tears because I couldn't meet the deadline then, so I need to focus on something else for a while.
- Medieval hooded short mantle for myself.

I think I need to ban myself from historical film watching until I've finished stuff.  It makes my ADCD worse.  I get too many ideas.  Ideas about costuming...  Ideas about taking the costuming off good-looking actors...  Wait, what?  Nothing... ;)