Thursday, May 29, 2014

Regency Costume: Period Inspiration

Here are a few images I've collected here and there for inspiration. Neoclassical and Regency fashions were pretty simple, so there's not a whole lot of detail I'm focused on. I generally don't go 100% accurate on things anyway. I like to get a good idea of the time period, then make reasonable modifications to suit my personality.

Afternoon dress, 1794
This is almost exactly the overgown I am making. Even though it is early, I have no problem with making a form of it for 1810's.

Leipzig fashion plate, 1796
A similar overgown, with what looks like a brooch clasp. I also like the detail at the bottom of the skirt.

Painting of a family playing checkers by Louis-LĂ©opold Boilly, c. 1803
Simplicity of early 19th century gowns. The young lady in the foreground has a plain dress with a drawstring neckline, while the woman in the background has a crossover front dress. The pattern I've selected has both options.

Painting by Marguerite Gerard, 1804
Very similar to what I want to make, with an open overgown over a simple dress.

French stays, 1809
I found an earlier example of long stays being worn!

Mrs. Harrison Gray Otis, Massachusetts, USA, 1809
Period example of a sheer dress over white underpinnings.

Dance dress, 1811
Noted for neckline and hem lace details.

Neoclassical dresses, 1812
Noted for detail on the back of the dresses, in the seams and the pleating, and the hem detail.

Outerwear, c. 1813
Noted for the detail down the front opening of the pelisse.

Stays at the Kyoto Costume Institute, 1819
Both short and long stays shown.

I've selected the Sense & Sensibility "The Elegant Lady's Closet" pattern. I got it in e-pattern form and spent yesterday taping it together. I have an idea of the colors I want to use, but I'm not 100% sure which styles, fabrics, or personal modifications yet. I have some time to think, since I'm still working on a chemise and long stays. I get SO impatient when I have to make underpinnings when I want to make the pretties.

This is pretty much the least fun blog post I've made so far, since period research is so tedious when I already have an idea of what I want to do and want to get to it.

To Do:
— finish taping pattern together
— finish chemise (super easy as soon as I get on it)
— continue long stays
— work on hat
— stop being distracted by Netflix


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